The spirit of the brand

I like blue, Mediterranean’s light and the nebulosity of Leman, their grandiose landscapes. Water. Transparency. Spontaneity. Art. The particular charm of watercolor. I like when the hesitations and the inspirations of the gestures show in the motive, that the irregularities become singularity. So I find the human behind creation.

Lôzae comes from Lôz, the nickname given by the Lausannois to my adoption city. Its Latin ending refers to the Italian manufacturing of my scarves.

Couleurs aquarelle

Our values

More eco-friendly scarves

Digital printing reduces water and energy consumption as well as pollution. It allows to print textiles with the same quality as traditional methods, dividing by 10 the necessary amount of chemicals.

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European manufacturing

Designed and then drawn with watercolors in Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lôzae scarves are then digitaly printed in Como in noble materials with the greatest care, just on the other side of our mountains. I want to limit the ecological impact of my products and that to packaging made in Europe.

The designer

My name is Gaële Girault, I grew up in Provence, between vineyard and sea, raised by nature lovers. The passion of drawing and design in general animates me without weakening since I discovered pencils and stickers. Art and creation are for me a way to embellish life, to counter stress and boredom, to constantly have new ideas and solutions, or to awaken the spirits.

Professionnal Carrier

I started my studies of Applied Arts in Aix-en-Provence when I was 15 years old. After my baccalaureat and a graduate degree in textile arts and printing, I worked for studio such as Souleïado, Peclers Paris or Malhia Kent.

Attracted by many different creative expressions and often imagining my patterns on objects, I set sail to Switzerland, after a few detours, to study product design at the ECAL (Cantonal School of Art of Lausanne). During and after my studies, I presented my works at the Fiera del Mobile in Milan, at the Moma in New York, and the Kréo gallery in Paris. One of my flagship products was the Superpower project, a US-style fly swatter, made while George W. Bush bombed Iraq. It is now published by AMI AMI.

Ten years later, enriched by an experience as head of design and scenography projects for prestigious clients, I am today mother of two lovely children. Their presence plunged me back into my old dream and gave me the irrepressible desire to put down my mouse and return to my inks and brushes.

Portrait Gaële atelier